Our Stories

These unique stories of our homeowners at The Vantgae Lifestyle Resort showcase the rich tapestry of our community. They serve as powerful testimonials, illustrating why people have chosen to make The Vantage Lifestyle Resort their home. Whether it's the serene surroundings, the resort facilities, or the sense of community, each testimonial adds depth and authenticity to our community's narrative.

Pete & Barb

"We've worked hard all our life, when it gets to this stage of our life it's time to sit back and relax and travel and do all the things we've been wanting to do without having to worry about coming home from travel and cleaning the garden and the house. So our choice to move into a lifestyle village was probably the best choice we could have possible made" 


"Whenever I describe the vantage to a friend I tell them it couldn't be in a better location, a short walk to the beach, shops and medical next door .... The finest thing about living here is the location, being in the South West and the cooler weather bought me down"

Geoff & Liz

"You feel like when you go to work each day that your coming home to a resort you feel like your on a pernament holiday... I tell my friends all the time it's really is just like living on a cruiseship because we have all the facilities here"


Experience the essence of our lifestyle community through a private tour. You can view our architecturally designed homes, enjoy resort-style facilities, and gain financial insights into living in a land lease community. To view our homes for saleclick here.