Big Garden Ideas for Small Spaces

Being surrounded by fresh greenery and florals improves our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, so while a small back garden may initially feel limiting, a little creativity can go a long way – and more often than not, they’re delightfully low-maintenance.

Here are five ways you can bring a small garden in your backyard to life

1. Add height: A garden fence can offer an opportunity to add colour and greenery. Climbing plants and trellises are a great solution for small gardens, lifting flowers and foliage up off the ground.

Varieties such as clematis montana and sweet peas work well with most fences and walls, and their eye-catching flowers and fragrance will add a new dimension to your garden.

2. Pot and planters: While you might not have space for flower beds or a lawn, you can bring plants and small trees into your garden through pots, planters, and containers.

Early season primroses, violas and pansies work well in pots for beautiful spring colour, and you can cluster these together for maximum effect. Hanging baskets are another great space saver and can be filled with seasonal plants for a joyful display.

3. Bring new life to an old ladder: Another way to take pots and planters off the ground is by placing them on the steps of an old step ladder, freeing up the space below for more greenery. The well-worn appearance of an old or wooden step ladder can add rustic charm to your garden, and for those who prefer a modern finish, a fresh lick of paint does wonders.

4. Variety and layers: In a small space, it’s tempting only to plant tiny plants, but this will only emphasise the limited size of your garden. Opt for a range of plants to create various shapes and sizes and combine this with raised beds and ground beds to add different height levels, and you’ll create a layered look that gives a sense of more space than there is.

5. Herb gardens: We all love them and find them useful, but they are often relegated to windowsills or a dedicated vegetable patch. Try upcycling an old side or coffee table to create a herb garden with a difference – one that has height and prominence within your garden. As well as saving you space beneath for extra planting or storage, having the plants higher will save yourself and your back from bending over veg beds.

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